Forthcoming Farmers Market being held by Huntingdonshire District Council in Huntingdon

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Huntingdon Farmer's Market in Huntingdon on 11/09/2015 08:00


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From 08:00 until 14:00 on Friday 11/09/2015


Details of Huntingdon Farmer's Market

Local food from local producers - Huntingdonshire District Council hold a Farmer's Market in Huntingdon every other Friday in the Market Square. Our definition of local is within 30 miles radius of Huntingdon, going up to 50 miles for products which cannot be sourced more locally. Guest producers from more than 50 miles away may only attend on a non-regular basis.


This event is FREE entry

This event has no compulsory entry charges but may have other fund raising objectives or or requests for voluntary contributions. Please confirm with the event organiser prior to attendance if you have any questions.

Tickets Purchasing Information: Free Entry

Organised by: Huntingdonshire District Council

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Contact Name and Telephone: on 01480 388388 - (01480 unless stated otherwise)

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